Passion for Socialism

A society based on sharing and caring.

Passion for Socialism

A society based on sharing and caring.

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The Imposters


by P.J. Penner, P4S Editor and Publisher


Words have a meaning. Our communications with each other depend on us using words that include a specific meaning for that word. If I need you to talk louder to me so I can better hear you, I would not say “please, walk louder to me.”

Socialism and communism have a meaning though you would hardly know it today. Most of the socialist and communist parties today state that they follow Marxist theory. They weave enough of Marxist theory into their principles and values to make them appear to be legitimate Marxists. Yet, when you analyze their principles and programs in total, you will notice there are contradictions and additions that aren’t Marxist at all.

In reality, these political parties and their leaders are nothing more than actors in a theatrical production. They are pretenders. They have so altered Marxist theory to the point that it is nearly unrecognizable.

To help you analyze what is real and what is pretend, below are some selected common principles of socialism-communism according to Marxist theory. Some terminology has been modernized to assist understanding.


Selected Core Principles
of Socialism


-- Socialism must be global. Socialism will not work if it is not the economic and political system internationally. Socialism must be desired by the majority of the global working class.

An international Socialist society cannot be established until a majority of the working class are fully educated about Socialism, seek a Socialist society and are willing to participate in the struggles and conflicts associated in bringing about a Socialist society.

There is much preparatory education and work to be done yet before a socialist-communist society can become a reality. As it is right now, there isn’t a common understanding of what a socialist-communist society would even be like. With this being the case, how can a person determine whether or not they want a socialist society?

Note: The early years in a socialist-communist society will require a massive amount of global cooperative labor to meet the global housing, food and medical care needs of everyone.

We offer no Utopia ... only a society based on economic and social justice for everyone.


-- The production of products and services are to be collectively owned by society and the workers will manage and operate the production and the distribution of those products and services to the local and global community according to each individual’s and family's self-defined needs.


-- Socialism must be a classless society. This society will not entertain a class of "haves" and a class of "have-nots". Everyone's needs will be met according to their self-defined needs.


-- Socialism is leaderless. As long as there is a “god-like” leader or vanguard, there will always be a ruling class. The people with their collective knowledge and experience will possess all the tools necessary for self-rule.


 -- There will be no state. The people will have no need or desire to have others govern them or make laws for them. The people in their own communities will know what is best for the well-being of their community.


-- There will be no borders under Socialism. A socialist society is quite simply a large group of citizens working together to meet their own needs and the needs of others ... locally and globally. History has shown, borders are a frequent component of war.


--There will be no money under Socialism. The use of money forces rationing on most people. If you want a particular product, you can only have it if you have the money to buy it. If you don’t have enough money, you cannot obtain a service that you may need or want. The use of money creates and maintains a class-based society between the "haves" and "have-nots".

Money is a tool of capitalism. It has no place or value in a socialist society in which every member of society has free access to any product or service they need on a self-defined basis.


-- There is no private property under Socialism. Like money, private property creates and maintains a class system comprised of the "haves" and the "have-nots."

Personal possessions are not considered private property.


-- Participatory (direct) democracy is a core component in a Socialist society. Everyone has a say and a vote in the things that directly affect their lives. Participatory democracy is a responsibility and a social obligation. Participatory democracy requires action by its citizens and is so important that participation cannot be transferred to representatives.

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Upside Down

Socialism lacks meaning and understanding to most people in the United States. This became clear as I was doing research for this article. 

Five of six of the most prominent “socialist” parties in the United States focus nearly all their attention to progressive reforms to make capitalism more humane to the working class. These parties present their party’s position on issues like:

-- A $15 Minimum hourly wage or a fair living wage

-- Gender equality

-- Racial equality

-- Their fight against homophobia

-- Their fight against Islamophobia

-- Their fight against never-ending wars

-- Their fight of a just immigration policy

-- Their fight for economic and social justice for all


All of these are important issues that need our attention. However, these issues are not about a socialist society.


Combined, only about 2% of the content on these six websites include actual content about socialism and only one presented any content on abolishing capitalism, private property, and having the means of production being collectively owned by society … not privately owned or government owned.


This the reason that socialism does not have a common meaning. This is the reason why most people have no idea what a socialist society would look like. The concepts of socialism are not being presented by those who should be talking about it all the time!


You cannot convince me you are a socialist when you are spending the bulk of your time and efforts toward propping up capitalism.